imageThere is intense bereavement. Numbness…

This week solace began through some slow stitch. A calming ryhthm again – if heard so quietly, less than a whisper.. but a felt sensation

These little birds are nesting in the eaves under the roof again.

imageThe frame is the winding thread that wraps the tibetan incense we burn, the fracture where the thread does not quite meet barely glimpsed but highlighted here.


Between moons…

Susi Bancroft Kantha moon1

Susi Bancroft Kantha moon5Between moons many things happen… my best beloved burmese passed away between these last 2. I stitch.. rhythmic, repetitive, flow of concentration, absorbing my mind, allowing for some much needed inner space.

The yellow thread was stitched blindfold – of which more some other time… and a thank you to Vicky for the silk and indigo moons..


threads - susi bancroftI just mentioned this image on the Brunel Broderers blog

Rich dialogue as usual between us whilst working – this was what I was stitching

susi bancroft kantha in progressKay mentions our meeting on her own blog – here

One of the topics was about artist’s pre-occupations, fascinations – when did these begin, was it in childhood or beyond, and what connections do we make and notice?

I have been sorting out my studio and delving into collections, sketchbooks, samples and found a photo I took a few years ago which reminded me of my recent kantha work…

Strength and fragility…

I searched back through for this post about a beautiful quilt I have – patched and pieced

It lies nowadays draped over my making table with the creamy white backing face upwards, and I often glance down and rest my eyes on the hand stitching and think

Susi vintage quilt 2The sun shone through it’s fragile layers this week – areas are disintegrating and revealing the inside and the softness and melting colours were so restful

Susi vintage quilt 4Susi vintage quilt 5It could stay folded quietly away, but I love it’s ageing qualities – out of sight would I really be caring for it more?! I prefer to keep it with me, alongside me..

The white thread patterns texture the surface – stitches as strong as ever – the even rhythm of their work is quietly astonishing to me and connects me to so many stitching hands – I linger as I Iook, wondering about it’s making

Susi vintage quilt 3It had an outing this last summer when family children were all camping in a yurt nearby and I thought why not?! I wonder if they will remember it in years to come…It came back smelling faintly of woodsmoke from the wood burner..

Walcot Chapel – turmeric and tea



Withies looking like stitches in the landscape!


Cloth drying on the line – prayer flags in my thoughts – looking through the cloth and dreaming of the tea and turmeric drifting into the atmosphere..


Table laid, piece in progress


Catching thread thoughts and fragments


Pinned gently to allow for movement, shadow and spaces to breathe!


Over the course of the week I thought about what each choice of stitch reflects – what iconography.



Hearts for Valentines Day…

A stormy day again …  are the birds safe I wonder? The snowdrops are dancing madly in the wind…

susi Bancroft snowdrops

Valentines Day was traditionally called ‘the birds wedding day’ but ooh, I do hope ours are tucked away and I have great concern for people out in the cold and wet or without home or heat.

Paper hearts, paper thin  – fragile and strong – linked.. joined they are stronger… the threads stitched as kisses throughout their centres. As a child I used to spend hours cutting chains of paper dolls especially when ill in bed – they scattered across the eiderdown – and this unfolded into my mind at a recent workshop – have a read of this Heart Space post for explanation and this Heart Space one too! Janet Haigh‘s mention of the strength of repetition made me reflect, as did her suggestion and reference to the cross stitches as tiny kisses…

susibancroft hearts 4

The sound of the needle piercing the paper and the thread running through – the trailing threads suspended in the air – reaching out, the tell tale elements of my practice make the work flow… There are links to this – threads and for hearts here and again here and audio pieces here and here and also a further couple of posts here and here!

susibancroft hearts 5

And so, I have been making, and woke with a special sense of anticipation – to film my offering to the birds, fluttering paper stitched hearts beating in the storm – confetti but joined – chains linked create a strength in this world

Hearts and rhythms are a theme in my practice too, and so a workshop captures something renewed in paper cutting, and connections in threads stitch sounds and more…

Susi Bancroft Paper heart chain from Susi Bancroft on Vimeo. The film definition is better quality on the vimeo link!!!!

Another delicate rhythm

a delicate rhythm 4 from Susi Bancroft on Vimeo.

In memory of my Aunt – Rosemary


May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

(traditional gaelic blessing)

A prayer flag – https://boostitch.wordpress.com/reviews/