inching along

I am part of a ‘quilt challenge’ – a fragment piece every couple of months with each person having chosen a theme secretly and a blog to share work! I like the difference creative play on an unexpected theme gives – have a look at the first offerings here

the first piece – soft fine turban cotton layered with bamboo wadding, silk threads for hand stitch, charcoal free machined, pen drawing…

the feel of the layers, the slow smooth stitching together creating those textures

the drawing of grasses and earth showing through and threads cut, drifting in the air

hand stitched knots – flakes floating down

coral stitch frame for defining an edge and leaving edges floating

the memory of a walk

capturing an experience – the sound of birdsong, energy of small darting feathers seeking food, trickling water, sharp cold enlivening the senses






water meadow snow walk

The same walk – along the water meadows early in the morning to capture the fleeting snowfall

After the silence there is birdsong and darting movement, the sound of snow melting, trickling then gently streaming

Crackle of ice underfoot, sharp cold that invigorates the senses

Observing the changes the blanket brings to the landscape

The urgency to catch the sights, sounds, feel of these moments before they disappear

A white little egret in a tree…

The sluice gate had a vibrant energy I wanted to catch into my creative process!