poetry on the canal..

The last of the poems from my canal reflections work for now… a pause is needed whilst I return to some other stitch work and show progress with it…

I spent a while trying to capture the kingfisher to share here – I had 2 or 3 photos which showed glimpses – but so slight, so fleeting, so tiny.. Elusive, precious, maybe another time…

A kingfisher..                                                                                                                        My caught breath frozen fast                                                                                        opening my heart

A flash of turquoise blue                                                                                                searing my vision.                                                                                                         Sudden, startling, rare

A heron..                                                                                                                            Grey, still, absorbed.                                                                                                            I stand watching, waiting,                                                                                                  eyes at a slight blur.                                                                                                         Slow, calm, familiar


poetry on the canal..

Scarlet red geraniums                                         on my kitchen windowsill

Papery leaves straggling                                   the pungent crushed scent in my hands

A meeting, a recognition                            Loosely nurtured likewise                                    on a barge roof in the morning sun                   the colour calling in greeting

A bee winding a flight path                        between the two                                        Buzzing with thought