Keeping warm…

Chill from the windows – draughty, too cold! Some make-shift curtains called for.

I found some calico and treated us to some fleecy interlining

Curtain lining1

Curtain lining2

A little bit of unpicking as I remembered I had a ‘walking foot’ to smoothe the stitching!

Making curtains1

I tend to learn by making mistakes – in making I work out how to make! So I kind of find myself having a go – unpicking – re-thinking and re-working and something emerges as I work – it isn’t the ideal way but it is is my way of understanding. That process was wonderfully captured in this image – a blur of thinking, making, re-making

Making curtains2

Some tabs to run along the cord – ad hoc ‘rail’ – red bias binding left over from Christmas – cheerful and why not?!

Curtain tabs

Ooh – they work! A week now and creeping down in the early morning light it is true – warmer and a sense of achievement – they may be make-shift but I made them and they work and we are warmer!