pieced and patched comfort…

Not originally a family quilt this one I hold close

So loved and pre-loved  …

It is threadbare – worn, faded, torn – the wadding showing through, so beautifully soft to touch – those are the qualities I treasure. The colours are delicate and subtle, mixed with strong indigo blues.. The piecing is balanced, soothing but always offering interest where the eye rests..

When I was a child and ill, I would lie on a sofa by the fire wrapped in a quilt or eiderdown

I used to gaze at the patterns and colours and stitching. I find I still do.

The quilting, in white cotton thread, is so rhythmic, so meditative. And then, on the borders, best seen from the back, the stitching flows – how it flows!

keeping making…

It is growing – promise! One of the best things about making for someone especially is that all the time you concentrate on making, you are thinking about them…

The beautiful heart cushion on the chair was designed and made by one of my nieces for her grandmother. And now after that pause, I will take this piece up and begin again!
Only thing is, my big cat seems to love this one and keeps edging onto it at any opportunity….!

inching along again!

I missed the date for finishing my little quilt fragment for ‘inching along’ but I am not worried – the theme was ‘rhythm’ and it took on it’s own pace and time…

The first phase was documented here

The base fabric is a fine turban cotton which I left out on the beach every night whilst we were away, tied to some rusting old boat bits so it soaked up and imprinted with the rhythm of the tides. The walking rhythms of the days…noticing the changes to the tide lines… have become stitched patterns and pauses. The rhythm of stitching the piece has integrated into the past couple of months and is a practice I want to continue.

Now I look at this I feel a strong sense that I could have stopped here – I love the texture and movement of the cloth. But I carried on, the thinking and process of stitching took over and I ended up

As a piece in reality it is more cohesive and integrated – maybe part of this is enjoying the way photographing the phases of a piece can highlight aspects and enhance them..

I also like the way images can magnify, draw attention to detail, dilate my view

Have a browse..

The fragments of colour are naturally dyed cloth from Heike – Gerdiary –  her inspiring blog is one I so enjoy – natural dyes supporting the natural world matter to me

Onto the next quilt piece, the next exhibition, and the next body of work….!


a delicate rhythm continues…

Curiously Enough opens at Ruskin Mill this Saturday!

We do hope you will pop in – see more details on the Brunel Broderers blog

Ruskin Mill is a beautiful place to be with lots going on

Setting up pics will follow – my work re-framed is ready and waiting. In Frome last year at the Silk Mills it looked like this and …

photo credit to Dominic Hewitt at Needlevision

In the making last time it was often helped on by a special friend

The work I am showing this time is a part of this – the paper, wax and wire pieces – they are fragile…. As the delicate rhythm continues, I wanted these caught and held, framed suspended between 2 panes of glass – hanging with the light shining through them – somewhat like stained glass… hope it works out!


Curiously Enough

I am busy preparing part of A Delicate Rhythm for the Brunel Broderers next Exhibition ‘Curiously Enough’ at Ruskin Mill in the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Space (click to see details of opening times)

Curious what skills need to be learned to frame work – the wonderful drill in this picture belonged to my father in law who was a skilled craftsman – I want the piece to be suspended in a frame between glass, hanging by a web of threads with the light shining through both panes…

photo detail from our exhibition at the The Silk Mills Studios, Frome Sept 2011

sounds of making – a delicate rhythm

Tweave was created by Amy Houghton and Ed Holroyd and commissioned by Craftspace. Tweave maps sound recordings of craft and making to create an evolving thread of sounds. Do have a browse and a listen…..

Last year Amy made some recordings of me and my work – this one for today’s post relates to ‘a delicate rhythm’…..

a delicate rhythm 3

Family threads

assemble and dissemble

reveal and hide

holding, piecing and joining

connecting and slipping away..

My mother was dying. I was stitching.

The two processes connected and layered together:

a delicate rhythm

I continue stitching, interpreting, defining

and the work emerges..

The pieces I am showing are from the fragments made by piecing fabrics and papers with reflections on the making and grieving process – some were stitched to the original hexagons of Liberty fabric, others were made from papers, wrapped wire, using stitch, dyes, wax. The above is in tea dyed tissue papers.

This fragment has the original hexagons stitched by my mother and I have written on lawn and pieced these in – echoing the tradition of paper piecing