Drawn at the RWA

IMG_2042asusibancroftI took a deep breath – sometimes you just have to give something a try… and I am stunned and so unbelievably excited to say that I have work in the current juried Exhibition Drawn at the Royal West of England Academy

The RWA text states: Drawn, continuing to raise the profile of drawing as both an autonomous discipline and an interdisciplinary tool. As a means of communication and navigation, drawing has taken on a universality and accessibility unlike any other medium. It is a building block of creativity, key to the visualisation and translation of ideas and practices, fundamental in making, doing, testing, designing, thinking, playing and living.

The pieces are a triptych of work – combining free machine drawing, pen and hand stitch and are about hand washing in hospital –  Mending My Ways

The Exhibition is on till June 7th and accompanies a truly inspiring collection to view – Drawing On 

I blogged about it here too on the Brunel Broderers site!

Drawing on the walls!


One of the real joys of last week turned out to be our ‘drawing wall’ where anyone who wished to was invited to join in – we started with our own bee drawings (mine is in the middle there!) and it just blossomed! Tucked into the hallway and therefore with a little bit of space and privacy it was a delight to watch this grow throughout the week




poetry on the canal..

Scarlet red geraniums                                         on my kitchen windowsill

Papery leaves straggling                                   the pungent crushed scent in my hands

A meeting, a recognition                            Loosely nurtured likewise                                    on a barge roof in the morning sun                   the colour calling in greeting

A bee winding a flight path                        between the two                                        Buzzing with thought

Canal reflections…

Been a bit quiet here – this is why…..!

Last week the work I have done for Reflections was on Exhibition at the West Barn, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire – such a beautiful venue by the Tythe Barn and canal.  Following the Threads is a very special group of stitch friends too!

I was brave – I did it! I will post more over the coming days, but to explain a bit…

I put the rolls of ‘walking drawings’ on show, the 3 pieces framed in a very unusual way (more to follow on this) and 3 poems too which were part of the journal I have been working on for this project…

Showing ‘raw’ drawings takes a bit of a deep breath – so here is the statement I put with the rolls

‘Drawn to this world…

Walking drawings with a roll of paper.

As I draw, I look at whatever has caught my eye, not looking at the paper but feeling my way, usually drawing in a continuous line, and working fairly quickly.

At home I may colour, stitch, layer, using pen, hand stitch and free motion stitch.

What catches my eye and heart is always something about the human condition – searching for a sense of connections, identities and differences’

stitch drawing in progress!

I thought it might be good to show some stitch drawing in progress! It helps me think about the process and hopefully shows you what I am doing!

I had drawn a heron on one of the walks, in the trees on the opposite bank of the canal.

Drawn quickly, without looking at the paper roughly folded in my hand – it is all a bit of a balance and juggle!

This drawing I painted on once home whilst thinking and remembering colours, the ‘feel’ of the walk, anything that comes to mind and hand

Drawn lines on the dyed papers, and free motion stitch on the machine ..

Lines in hand stitch too, and some more painting…

I like the ‘there and not there’ quality – I hope it works!

The Exhibition this series of work will be in is by the group ‘Following the Threads’. ‘Reflections’ is in Bradford on Avon at the west Barn –  25 – 28 October….

Reflections – slowly, slowly!

Remember the start of reflections

Well..slowly, slowly – more walking drawings follow

A roll of paper, pens, walking the canal path drawing as I go..

Impressions, fleeting marks… colour as both observed and felt

Wondering about real lives, ways and illusions..

And then some collage – dye on tissue, layered down, depth

Pen and machine stitch, hand stitch, written reflections, wonderings..


In progress – in the making!

I want the viewer to look deeper and deeper – I think about childhood picture books

Of imagined worlds, imagined lives as well as glimpses of what I see, what I think I see..


I was thinking today about a piece from a few years ago…

November – around Remembrance Day 2009 and poppies were on my mind…

A wonderful workshop which was so affirming for me with Cas Holmes

I took a linocut I had done of a poppy seed head and had embroidered knots in my mind as ‘thoughts’ – I often think of each french knot as a thought – a tactile marker

I will take a close up tomorrow of the knots – they have now got me thinking again!

Stitch drawings – layers, folds, rhythm, narrative, movement, flow.. See those loose threads again too – mentioned those here

This piece is also here!

reflections – starting out

A morning walk on the canal path – bright heat warming my face, strong light sharpening what my eyes chose to notice, and colour… lush wet greens, splashes of pink, this glossy mustard yellow and – a rare precious glimpse of iridescent blue from a kingfisher. Soaking rain in the last few minutes! On my return, fast flow drawing!!

Next to think about some stitch drawings – reflections, caught impressions mixed with  what my heart brings to it…

Work towards an October exhibition ‘Reflections’