tea cosy…

xmas tea cosy susi bancroft A Christmas gift for my mother in law… knitting with 2 strands of deep red including a  sparkling one and, combining together with the pink, orange, red, blue, green twinkling lights on the tree evoked once again such strong memories of childhood magic.

Wool from Marmelade Yarns in Frome (and the ribbed tea cosy pattern) and the crochet flower pattern (always so beautifully and clearly written) courtesy of the fabulous Attic 24

Xmas tea cosy susi bancroft 2

the joy of making…

this one – for the joy of making….

susi-tea cosyI spied a beautiful tea cosy on display in a favourite shop – Marmalade Yarns in Frome  and thought of how my mother in law would love one! The pattern is from them, and for the crochet daffodils I went to Attic 24 – my grateful thanks to both!

susi_tea cosy 3This was such a relaxing pleasure to make and has given joy too – a small springtime offering


Crochet snowflakes…

Susibancroft crochet snowflakes4Starry starry night is the current theme for a window display at Heart Space Studios

And so, through some dark evenings, frosty mornings and rainy spells I made snowflakes…

Susibancroft crochet snowflakes150 – they emerge off the hook in a rather entrancing way! For the pattern I went to the wondrous blog Attic 24 – what an inspiration as ever! Thank you…

Susibancroft crochet snowflakes5And so..my little precious gift – a box of delights donated with love, they drifted off into the post to help decorate Heart Space for the festive season

Imagine my delightful surprise to turn the corner and see them here – as part of a yarn-bombed lamp post nearby the studio

I hope they bring joy to all who see them… and look at all the other beauties made by Heart Space people ….


Heartspace1 Heartspace2




Making and reading….

Crochet and reading

Finishing some making – Calm gentle stitch rhythm and the pleasure of posting the finished    wrist warmers tomorrow to a little girl who waits. And a book I have awaited for years since hearing it read on the radio – Tove Jansson Sculptor’s Daughter… a book I will constantly return to, as I have kept phrases and images in my mind for so long. My reading of it has also re-awakened strong memories of childhood sensibilites and thinking.

Some hearts will appear this week, then on to some new work

Caring with crochet

It started with winter present making and a desire to keep loved ones warmly held

Neck warmerAnd, yes, loving the chunky texture and ‘big-stitch’ look of big wool after delicate thread stitching!

Crochet is wonderfully rhythmic and I don’t feel stressed about any un-picking like in knitting, as one tug on the strand and it easily unravels so I can remake stitches.The repetitive action relaxes my mind – back to the meditative again and those interesting connections!

There was a continuation too – the finishing of a small random blanket from bits and pieces of leftover wool that someone had watched ‘in the making’..

Crochet blanketSome research into making mittens brought me quickly back to Attic 24 and I so enjoy the colourful joy here! Christmas night had me finishing a pair of these till 2am – hey ho – I had made a mistake and didnt see it until I laughed at the resulting muddle – quietly though, as everyone was sleeping! I am fascinated and intrigued that the children in my family then got so involved and enjoyed the designing and decisions they could make in requesting neck warmers and mittens for me to make for them during the rest of our stay. They shared the mistakes, the problem solving, their thoughts about colour, and watching the process and this was as much a part of giving as the ready finished gift… why do we worry so about these matters of presents, when actually I realised this ‘making’ time was what was a memorable delight ..

Mittens with bobble edgeBobble edge courtesy of Attic 24 – SO easy and flowing to follow for someone like me who often finds patterns really hard and frustrating to understand

MittensAnd so to sew – next time the trials and tribulations of keeping warm and of some very ad hoc curtain making! Oh, and in the background new exhibition work brewing in my mind…


sounds of making..

I was going to talk about hearing the sounds of making again…

See a delicate rhythm and again another delicate rhythm post about sounds of making

Crochet is so quiet – a whisper, a slight rustle – I started to listen carefully in the quiet afternoon

The calm, quiet and warmth were attractive to another… and soon the sounds of cat snoring were a very different but not unwelcome rhythm of sound in the air!

I have loved the colour in this work – seemingly random choices balancing, combining, singing with each other or softly blending. It is nearly done…

keeping making…

It is growing – promise! One of the best things about making for someone especially is that all the time you concentrate on making, you are thinking about them…

The beautiful heart cushion on the chair was designed and made by one of my nieces for her grandmother. And now after that pause, I will take this piece up and begin again!
Only thing is, my big cat seems to love this one and keeps edging onto it at any opportunity….!

Family Days

A hand-made family day…

…having a nap wrapped in a warm, colourful hand-made blanket in the midst of family chatting and eating lunch!

Meanwhile – a hand-made present – drawing, cutting, stitching, making a bag to give …

We had been talking about sewing machines – along the lines of: ‘who showed you how to sew with a machine?’ … ‘ Ma did, my mother’ ….. ‘ who showed her how?’ … ‘ Nana, her mother, my grandmother’ … and so on and sew on….! Handing on these skills, the love of making and remembering – all so precious….


Something special: a newborn baby. As this baby’s mother was preparing to give birth I wanted to be making – making, thinking, linking with my friend. The calm, meditative repetition, the gentle focus.

An opportunity to collaborate with another friend too – Alison Harper, another Brunel Broderer. I made the granny squares (first ever, slightly awry, combining colour and shape as I went along) and Alison pieced them all beautifully together, adding decorative borders too!

Wrapping a baby – welcoming, protecting, warming…

Pom poms feature in some current work of Alison’s – have a look at this post and others about the power of a simple textile skill to brighten lives.

Wonderful wool from Wool, Bath

Oh – and glimpses of my mother’s tapestry cushions too!