Crochet snowflakes…

Susibancroft crochet snowflakes4Starry starry night is the current theme for a window display at Heart Space Studios

And so, through some dark evenings, frosty mornings and rainy spells I made snowflakes…

Susibancroft crochet snowflakes150 – they emerge off the hook in a rather entrancing way! For the pattern I went to the wondrous blog Attic 24 – what an inspiration as ever! Thank you…

Susibancroft crochet snowflakes5And little precious gift – a box of delights donated with love, they drifted off into the post to help decorate Heart Space for the festive season

Imagine my delightful surprise to turn the corner and see them here – as part of a yarn-bombed lamp post nearby the studio

I hope they bring joy to all who see them… and look at all the other beauties made by Heart Space people ….


Heartspace1 Heartspace2





Craftivist Collective – this is a place I would love you to visit… Why not wander over there now and browse…. and you will soon find yourself looking at the imapiece project

Craftivism is close to my heart – stitching inspired by political and social motivation – having a voice, developing discussions, engaging people in issues through the making process. Joelimapiece
This is Bath Save the Children Shop Window last night. I work here – volunteer – quite alot actually..! It is developing into a wonderful community – yesterdays family vibe was fun, creative, and  laughter filled the shop – a special place to be. At Save the Children The IF Campaign is central to 2013’s work. And so – imapiece is something we are actively supporting.. By the way, the transfer of my photos from my phone has caused a bit of blurriness – but that is a bit like my life so there we are!


Alison Harper and I made an imapiece ‘kit’

Alison volunteers at STC too!



susibancroftSTCOooh – a little diversion… I did a lino cut of the Save the Children logo and look at these drying – which are now strung in a long line across the shop window – a mix of concepts from bunting and prayer flags – I tried to give these a fragility, a movement, a connection – something deeper and universal – so yes, my loose threads are there as ever!

Back to the jigsaw..



Making session at The Bell, Walcot Street









A finished piece…







Chapel Arts Cafe making session






I made this on on a train from Dorset to Bath..

Amazing what a journey can offer!



So – we will keep going – working, talking, making – being a part of something which is positively, actively, energetically and creatively making a difference….


new year, new mend

Uh oh – where have I been?!



Remember this… jeans mending piece

Well , it seems to be attracting alot of interest! I find this heartening.

It always feels natural and easy working on denims – patching, mending, stitching, embroidering, creating something with a deeper beauty whilst protecting it, saving it from falling apart. It has lead a full life, shows the signs, the places of strain as well as tears.

So – in looking, suddenly I notice the full subtle colours of the threads, the softness of the cloth through wear. I want to hold on to this.


To back the tears with bursts of colour, to stitch the layers with rhythm and balance

and add something.

susibancroft_jeans mending 2




I want to thank someone special too – for her inspiration, and a practical note about blanket stitch! Have a look at

Thanks Sherri Lynn!

Pom Pom Tree

Just finished this today! Wrapping a Pom Pom Tree – So exciting – a real first so a bit glitchy but hey – what a learning curve and that is so creative!!  Have put in into the Pairings II Video Open see here

Credits to Alison Harper, Jane Barker, Victoria Carpenter and Susi Bancroft and thanks to Tim Martin at the Brewhouse, Taunton where the TFSW Exhibition Mapping the Future: Where Are You Now has just closed.