catching thoughts…

Catching thoughts…. the buttonhole stitched wheels seem to represent thoughts with a trailing line connecting them…

IMG_2569bIMG_2571It is an early morning practice – like meditation… I observe, I notice, I stitch with a gentle rhythm until, as in meditation and breath work, my concentration drifts away and cannot be held longer… I find the work on cloth remains with me all day, peeping through into my mind…

IMG_2578I journal too – another way of noticing what comes into my mind – it is quickly noted – no refining! And I photograph – the lens providing a dilated view – a deeper look to connect with.

There is a whole sketchbook to share – of buttonhole making, of reflection.. this just seemed like the place to start!

See this Brunel Broderer post for another view of where the work is!!

Exciting times..

Sometimes exciting links create a fizzing sense of achievement – Today is one of those days!

Currently an amazing creative 4 day event is taking place  – have a look at the site for ‘Making It – a celebration of craft and community’.

Deirdre Figueiredo, MBE, Director of Craftspace has been talking today at the Making It Professional event

 Tweave  – ‘mapping sound recordings of craft’ is commissioned by Craftspace . Amy Houghton made the recording of me talking about the making of my work ‘a delicate rhythm’ which is on the Tweave site.

And today Deirdre mentioned the work in her presentation!
Read about it by clicking: ‘Making It’ blog post

That is why my heart is singing! Thank you…

To hear the pieces click here and also here and, of course, they are on the Tweave website with other wonderful sounds of making pieces… More posts about ‘A delicate rhythm’ are on this blog – have a look at those in May 2012 and June 2012 ( May and June ‘archives’ section in the side bar)

Thanks to Deirdre Figueirede, Amy Houghton and to Alison Harper

See also the Brunel Broderers blog posts: here for a review in Embroidery by Ian Wilson and here and here

pattern piece doodle two!

A follow on today from ‘pattern piece doodle’….

Looking at some of my beautiful vintage sewing manuals – both for buttonhole stitch variations and for the pattern language. My mother taught me how to do some tailor tacking – we were both so nervous of the cutting out process and often put pieces the wrong way round and checked a dozen times! I loved the sound of the large scissors cutting long strokes and of the tissue paper with threads pulling through it!

My inspiration also lies in memories of a Beatrix Potter story, The Tailor of Gloucester – 120 buttonholes of cherry twisted silk – of which more at a later stage and some research to be done!

Suited 2013 will be a Brunel Broderers Exhibition in Stroud and part of Stroud International Textiles Select 2013 at the Lansdown Gallery, Stroud

For more on the Brunel Broderers see the Brunel Broderers Blogspot

pattern piece doodle

Beginning to play with ideas for an Exhibition in 2013 with the Brunel Broderers called ‘Suited’ and based on a wonderful donation of fabrics from a retired tailors …

Buttonhole stitch in silver and black fine thread on tissue paper, a small fragment sample – held up to the light so every stitch has a shadow from the threads on the back! Was not actually what I intended to work on but sometimes getting lost in a flow of ‘just stitching’ and thinking as it unfolds is a good path to follow!

Mending My Ways..

Been busy updating – so see the new page on the bar at the top for Current Exhibition Statement or here! I have also been busy posting about ‘Mending my Ways’ on the Brunel Broderers blog and to see some wonderful work by my fellow BB broderers have a look here

I will also post statements from other exhibitions – in time – soon… kind of backwards in a time line maybe?!!!!

Meanwhile… here is the ‘family hands’ series photographed at Musgrove Park Hospital

The ‘hand washing’ series here and here with a bit more thinking here are now framed and up at the Exhibition and, at the moment, I can’t capture them well due to the glass (you can see me and the camera as well!) – but I will try again when I am there next …

Having such an interesting time collecting comments, talking to people about the work and about the whole issue of art in hospitals…

threads – more thoughts….

A sampling piece from the hand-washing sequence which is now on show at Musgrove Hospital, Taunton – a Brunel Broderers Exhibition, Mending My Ways

I have been thinking about all those threads and why they are a constant in my work..

Threads…loose threads, left… – a metaphor – until now partially glimpsed, fleetingly captured in my understanding…..

Suspended, reaching out, pausing, changing where they lie, are they touching something or is the space important?

The possibilities of connecting, or not.. or waiting to connect – other, between, beyond, unfinished or extending – in the liminal space between the work made and another place

I think a physical representation of me, my intention – the marks are mine but so is the thread itself- it is the substance of my making and my thinking, maybe it is me!

It is a question, a subtle invitation – the place where words tail off in a conversation waiting for a response. Nothing finished or ‘cut off’ but open to possibilities and relationships…..