Review in Embroidery Magazine – Jan/Feb 2012

“…’A Print for Patti’, made by Susi Bancroft while caring for her dying mother, was so hung that it moved in the slightest draught of air. Like a very English interpretation of a Tibetan prayer-flag, Bancroft’s thoughts about making and grieving were hand-written on Liberty cotton lawn, cut and pieced  onto an unfinished quilt begun by her mother…”

‘making it’- a celebration of craft and creativity – October 2012 Deirdre Figueirdo

Thank you Matty!

Mapping the Future Exhibition – Brewhouse , Taunton

A Route Through 2012 by Susi Bancroft was small but absolutely perfect – she has exceptional drawing skills. It needed a close look as the base was made up of collaged bus tickets which were allowed to show through here and there. Colour, form and the loopy threads all added up to a piece with a real (although gentle) kick.

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