Turmeric and tea dress…

This light soft cotton dress was dyed in the outside cauldron – my kind of tea dress!

Smoke drifted through the garden, the fire crackled gently and the scent of turmeric and tea infused the air 

I wear this so often now, at home and in the garden. The colours glow with a living intensity and change with the heat of my body and any careful hand washing … I love how this is a living process where I could dip the cloth and repeat… 

We hand built the tripod and I started with 24 stones for 24 hours – a bit of slow experimentation and a few improvised extras are needed for each process and I realise this is part of my practice 

I will try to post a video – if it doesn’t work on here it will be on my Instagram! 

Moon work…

Am working at Walcot Chapel this week with the Bees Knees artist group. Reciprocity defines this gathering.. We hope to open the doors from Thursday to Saturday – currently we are diversely painting, drawing, stitching, paper scrunching, looking at old navigational maps, sharing bee friendly wild flower seeds ..

Outside the door, I hung the first moon piece – floating in the breeze of a day mixed with sunshine, east wind and even a shower of snow-falling white blossom. Now, at home, a flurry of actual snow..


The churchyard is filled with dandelions so guess what this ‘dandelion forager’ will be doing tomorrow!



Dandelion time…


First solar dye of the season – holding warm sunny jars of dandelion and silk


Close up of drawing using plant dye (weld)


Always impossible to capture the vibrant alive and singing colour in natural dye – it is an experience to see and touch!

Also making a jar of dandelion tincture for the first time! A rekindled interest

Meanwhile the next moon work on woad is in progress too..


it takes time …


In my minds eye and dreams are the second and third in the series of woad pieces; thinking of the translucent blues, the broken open stitches, and the sudden intensity of orange. Watching the skies, the moon, listening to the wind and the birds. And in a practical sense I am working out some dye recipes and methods!

Meanwhile this piece continues  – each part with its pattern rhythm and flow and today, because of the first flowering of tiny daffodils, the colours sing. I picked five carefully, no more amongst the dozens, the bees are out when the sun shines through (though they prefer the crocus, aconites and snowdrops!)

new work..

Scale – after finishing the first small concentrated cornerstone piece I feel a need to explore expansive stitching again, using the same stitch – chain stitch, which for me, in my language of stitches, holds references to connections between us – the interconnectedness.

The size is slightly more within my reach this time for ease of working. Time for a deeper wider breath – looking out, up, around and through.

Some woad dyed silk organza from an exhausted dye pot – mottled and randomly marked – fine and delicate and with the quality of transparency allowing for shadow-work stitching.