Dandelion time…


First solar dye of the season – holding warm sunny jars of dandelion and silk


Close up of drawing using plant dye (weld)


Always impossible to capture the vibrant alive and singing colour in natural dye – it is an experience to see and touch!

Also making a jar of dandelion tincture for the first time! A rekindled interest

Meanwhile the next moon work on woad is in progress too..


it takes time …


In my minds eye and dreams are the second and third in the series of woad pieces; thinking of the translucent blues, the broken open stitches, and the sudden intensity of orange. Watching the skies, the moon, listening to the wind and the birds. And in a practical sense I am working out some dye recipes and methods!

Meanwhile this piece continues  – each part with its pattern rhythm and flow and today, because of the first flowering of tiny daffodils, the colours sing. I picked five carefully, no more amongst the dozens, the bees are out when the sun shines through (though they prefer the crocus, aconites and snowdrops!)

new work..

Scale – after finishing the first small concentrated cornerstone piece I feel a need to explore expansive stitching again, using the same stitch – chain stitch, which for me, in my language of stitches, holds references to connections between us – the interconnectedness.

The size is slightly more within my reach this time for ease of working. Time for a deeper wider breath – looking out, up, around and through.

Some woad dyed silk organza from an exhausted dye pot – mottled and randomly marked – fine and delicate and with the quality of transparency allowing for shadow-work stitching.


Keeping on..

Sunrise yesterday..

Stitching.. one chain at a time. I feel excited to see how this will work as a cornerstone – but there can be no rush, no rapid completion. It is, by its nature, a slow stitch and a slowly developing process emerging gradually, gently.

This work requires strong clear light and the days are short so I like needing to make time to stitch.

Sunset – breathtaking … taking time within a smaller circle of natural rhythm