Inside Out..

Inside Out – a Brunel Broderers Exhibition  August 11 – 31, 2015 at Nature in Art

Prayer Flags Inside- the 9 flags

Turmeric and tea dyed cloth – healing and restorative

Perfuming the air

Woad transforming to blue as it emerges from the water

A language of stitches…

French knots like prayer beads

Buttonhole for whole and partial thoughts

Feather stitch connecting to the natural world

Herringbone for a journey

Loose threads reaching out to touch

Fragments of cloth caught and held

Framed and backed in beeswax poured onto scrim…

A short film of the flags on May 1st (Beltane) in a bluebell wood is on show

(This is not available from Thursday 20th pm for 4 days)

Please view – and click on HD for best quality!

Prayer Flags Outside

Susi Bancroft uses natural dyes and is concerned with both ancient and contemporary techniques. Her prayer flags in the garden use ancient dyeing techniques with tea, turmeric and woad. The flags move in the breeze and send out their messages – each is hand embroidered with French knots for thoughts of peace and hope. In the gallery inside a film of the flags brings them into the twenty first century.

The prayer flags are grouped outside in the grounds…

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