Exciting times..

Sometimes exciting links create a fizzing sense of achievement – Today is one of those days!

Currently an amazing creative 4 day event is taking place  – have a look at the site for ‘Making It – a celebration of craft and community’.

Deirdre Figueiredo, MBE, Director of Craftspace has been talking today at the Making It Professional event

 Tweave  – ‘mapping sound recordings of craft’ is commissioned by Craftspace . Amy Houghton made the recording of me talking about the making of my work ‘a delicate rhythm’ which is on the Tweave site.

And today Deirdre mentioned the work in her presentation!
Read about it by clicking: ‘Making It’ blog post

That is why my heart is singing! Thank you…

To hear the pieces click here and also here and, of course, they are on the Tweave website with other wonderful sounds of making pieces… More posts about ‘A delicate rhythm’ are on this blog – have a look at those in May 2012 and June 2012 ( May and June ‘archives’ section in the side bar)

Thanks to Deirdre Figueirede, Amy Houghton and to Alison Harper

See also the Brunel Broderers blog posts: here for a review in Embroidery by Ian Wilson and here and here