Artist Statement

” My art making is about the play between theories in my head, captured images, cloth and thread, a language of stitches, and thinking through my hands.

I develop delicate ephemeral fragments, hold and share them on pieced embroidered cloth and film and explore the connections and conversations they evoke ”

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This is my original artist statement – I like to keep it here to think about….

“There is currently a strong strand running through my practice about making visible, in creative form, connections, memories, identities. I am seeking to capture delicate fragments of these – using textile to ‘hold’ them and stitch to ’embroider’ them.

I treasure the sense of touch – sensory experience in our engagement with the world – the dialogue between fingertip and brain and its power to subtly release and evoke connections, memories, narratives.

Art making for me is about the play between theories in my head, drawing, fabric and thread, and thinking through my hands”

7 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. Hello Susi, I’m delighted to see you blogging in your own right. I’m also pleased that you’ve enabled replies; it would be so great if you could do likewise on the Brunel Broderers site too. You might be pleasantly surprised by how fruitful interaction with your readership can be. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Susi
    Just wanted to thank you sooooo much for a delightfully inspiring class yesterday at the Makery – I came straight home and hibernated with my machine to do a ‘bit more’ and am off to buy hoops and denim needles this morning. You are an inspirational and passionate teacher and the morning was a sheer joy – I just loved the gasps from us all as the 16″ squares of calico came together in unique creative moments! Thank you!
    Mary Chancellor

  3. Hi Mary
    Thank you SOOOO much! I am truly delighted – your work was so beautifully flowing and you took to it so naturally – I feel totally sure you will revel in developing your practice! It was a fabulous workshop and please – keep in touch wont you?

  4. Hi Susi,
    I encountered three of your works at the RWA Drawn exhibition on Friday. They prompted me to create a writing prompt that will go live at tomorrow, and I wanted to let you know! I’d also love to run a piece on your work in the inspirations sections if you’re up for that. You can contact me at judy(at) Thanks!

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