A Delicate Rhythm

A Delicate Rhythm

Family threads

assemble and dissemble

reveal and hide

holding, piecing and joining

connecting and slipping away..

My mother was dying. I was stitching.

The two processes connected and layered together:

a delicate rhythm

I continue stitching, interpreting, defining

and the work emerges….

During the making of this work Susi wrote a journal recording thoughts about both the making process and the grieving process. These reflections were then hand-written onto cotton lawn, cut and pieced onto an unfinished Liberty quilt her mother had begun years before. Susi had been stitching the quilt together whilst caring for her dying mother.

The piecing both reveals and hides the text allowing partial glimpsing and connecting with her thoughts.

This work was on show as part of Curiouser – a Brunel Broderers show at The Silk Mill Studios, Frome 2011

It was also part of a BB show ‘Curiously Enough‘ at Ruskin Mill in the Events Gallery in June 2012

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