a travelling tea towel..

My piece for the exhibition ‘quiet conversations’ which is currently showing at Fabrik Arts Lobethal South Australia.

This work was created as part of the wonderful online course ‘in place’ from the ‘school of nomad arts’ from the truly inspirational India Flint. An invitation to stitch a humble tea towel to join a line of connections worldwide. Mine is dyed in onion, turmeric and tea, all gathered at home during the lockdown months of 2020.

Stitched with words and embroidered with knots. As I sent it off I whispered gently into the folds and stitches – the quiet conversations of this community will resonate and flow.

French knots in naturally dyed threads- part of a vocabulary of stitches I use – for me, each knot usually represents a ‘thought’ that can be touched a little like a prayer bead.

Gently wafting in early morning sunrise in January before winging away to Australia.

The words stitched to the spine of the cloth:

tea – reviving, uplifting, community

turmeric – fragrant, gold, warming

onion – the grounding base of daily food

calendula – sunshine medicine – my power flower