Mending patches…

He wore his socks over winter until there were huge holes in the soles.

I knitted patches over the top in garter stitch. The first sock patch was a bit big so looks like little wings on each side… so I made the second patch smaller. It feels like a cushion on the sole and I think the garter stitch will felt a bit hopefully

I caught up a stitch on each row to integrate the patch and Kitchener stitched the top. They have mistakes, they are uneven, I learned as I tried things out and I learned so much. He loves them and is already wearing them outside without boots or shoes – so I guess I will do them again next winter!!! It’s about long term love …

2 thoughts on “Mending patches…

  1. Wow that’s a great mend for your man’s favourite sock slippers, knitting is something I have only tried once back in the early 80’s, bought a size 12 vest pattern, some blue wool and proceeded to knit it so very tightly I had to use a nail to prise up each stitch to squeeze the needle in, when it was all finished it fit a friend’s 6 year old son and was very thick!

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