golden yellow…

I took a blog break… Interesting how the instant ease of Instagram can entice away from blogging… I realise much has been posted about these matters. The balance doesn’t feel right yet for me – composing words and image for this blog gives me space to go deeper but of course now I have so many images that I am wondering where to start!

So.. after the cool blue and snows of the last post I decided on the golden yellows of the summer dye pots.

Let’s see how I go…

Coreopsis – a mass of sunshine globes – so stunning I nearly couldn’t bring myself to cut any flower heads! A bowl for me and leave the rest and the buds for the pollinators. Such a generous plant..

Slow gentle heat and time – to watch to almost simmer, to deepen.

I have a growing precious stack of colours from this spring and summer.. and a drawing of my winter quilt stitch plan..

This practice has drawn out a more glimmering understanding of a sense of place …

6 thoughts on “golden yellow…

  1. Gorgeous colour! I like to blog to bring words to what I am doing, sometimes it is just thinking aloud. Instagram is quick and easy and reaches more people. A bit of both seems to be my answer. Hope all well with you. x

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