Turmeric and tea dress…

This light soft cotton dress was dyed in the outside cauldron – my kind of tea dress!

Smoke drifted through the garden, the fire crackled gently and the scent of turmeric and tea infused the air 

I wear this so often now, at home and in the garden. The colours glow with a living intensity and change with the heat of my body and any careful hand washing … I love how this is a living process where I could dip the cloth and repeat… 

We hand built the tripod and I started with 24 stones for 24 hours – a bit of slow experimentation and a few improvised extras are needed for each process and I realise this is part of my practice 

I will try to post a video – if it doesn’t work on here it will be on my Instagram! 

2 thoughts on “Turmeric and tea dress…

  1. Hi Debbie – lovely to hear from you.
    The tea mixed with the turmeric acts as a mordant so it is fairly stable – more than I might have expected – but I am still experimenting – haven’t re dyed it as yet. It reacts to things like my deodorant that I make with coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda – Kay thinks it’s the bicarbonate – makes it go more orange but washes straight out. Will post about its progress and my findings. The dress is a very light under-dress (has a linen shift too) – yes I love the design too! Am enjoying the experiment! Hope you are well

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