Moon work…

Am working at Walcot Chapel this week with the Bees Knees artist group. Reciprocity defines this gathering.. We hope to open the doors from Thursday to Saturday – currently we are diversely painting, drawing, stitching, paper scrunching, looking at old navigational maps, sharing bee friendly wild flower seeds ..

Outside the door, I hung the first moon piece – floating in the breeze of a day mixed with sunshine, east wind and even a shower of snow-falling white blossom. Now, at home, a flurry of actual snow..


The churchyard is filled with dandelions so guess what this ‘dandelion forager’ will be doing tomorrow!



Dandelion time…


First solar dye of the season – holding warm sunny jars of dandelion and silk


Close up of drawing using plant dye (weld)


Always impossible to capture the vibrant alive and singing colour in natural dye – it is an experience to see and touch!

Also making a jar of dandelion tincture for the first time! A rekindled interest

Meanwhile the next moon work on woad is in progress too..