the sanity of making…

Susi Bancroft image image imageThese tiny hexagons fill a tin – they measure 1cm face – 2cm diameter

A gift from a special person in my extended family – offered generously and lightly but with astute consideration

They created a miniature scene at Bees Knees

Susi Bancroft

Last week a visiting artist friend exclaimed the making at such a scale would drive her insane… However interestingly they were offered to me with a narrative explanation that the making of these tiny precious pieces – the repetition, the need for precision and concentration, the careful piecing and selection of strings of pattern – all this and more about the nature of handwork were made in order to keep sanity, to stay sane at a particular time in her life…





Drawing on the walls!


One of the real joys of last week turned out to be our ‘drawing wall’ where anyone who wished to was invited to join in – we started with our own bee drawings (mine is in the middle there!) and it just blossomed! Tucked into the hallway and therefore with a little bit of space and privacy it was a delight to watch this grow throughout the week