Thinking in Stitches…


Shadow lines, layers and loose threads are characteristic of my work and I talk about them often – click on the tags to have a look at past images and words, or pop the words into the search box…


Stitch vocabulary or iconography such as buttonhole wheels and French knots


They are all personal reflections and my own mark making on cloth – so:

Knots feel like and represent thoughts like prayer beads

Herringbone is a journey with steps along the way

Feather represents my connection to the natural world

Buttonhole – whole thoughts or partial ones

Loose threads reach out and float, even melt into the atmosphere and connect with the viewer

susi-bancroftI think I will photograph some close ups for the next post! The above are all from Walcot Chapel where the walls, light and space are exceptionally beautiful…

7 thoughts on “Thinking in Stitches…

  1. Beautiful, ethereal pieces. They evoke lovely warm feelings of comfort.
    Really love the meanings you have given the stiches you have used, I’m so interested in why we use stitches, and this has got me thinking as to why I use my favourite stitches.

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