Hearts for Valentines Day…

A stormy day again …  are the birds safe I wonder? The snowdrops are dancing madly in the wind…

susi Bancroft snowdrops

Valentines Day was traditionally called ‘the birds wedding day’ but ooh, I do hope ours are tucked away and I have great concern for people out in the cold and wet or without home or heat.

Paper hearts, paper thin  – fragile and strong – linked.. joined they are stronger… the threads stitched as kisses throughout their centres. As a child I used to spend hours cutting chains of paper dolls especially when ill in bed – they scattered across the eiderdown – and this unfolded into my mind at a recent workshop – have a read of this Heart Space post for explanation and this Heart Space one too! Janet Haigh‘s mention of the strength of repetition made me reflect, as did her suggestion and reference to the cross stitches as tiny kisses…

susibancroft hearts 4

The sound of the needle piercing the paper and the thread running through – the trailing threads suspended in the air – reaching out, the tell tale elements of my practice make the work flow… There are links to this – threads and for hearts here and again here and audio pieces here and here and also a further couple of posts here and here!

susibancroft hearts 5

And so, I have been making, and woke with a special sense of anticipation – to film my offering to the birds, fluttering paper stitched hearts beating in the storm – confetti but joined – chains linked create a strength in this world

Hearts and rhythms are a theme in my practice too, and so a workshop captures something renewed in paper cutting, and connections in threads stitch sounds and more…

Susi Bancroft Paper heart chain from Susi Bancroft on Vimeo. The film definition is better quality on the vimeo link!!!!

Making and reading….

Crochet and reading

Finishing some making – Calm gentle stitch rhythm and the pleasure of posting the finished    wrist warmers tomorrow to a little girl who waits. And a book I have awaited for years since hearing it read on the radio – Tove Jansson Sculptor’s Daughter… a book I will constantly return to, as I have kept phrases and images in my mind for so long. My reading of it has also re-awakened strong memories of childhood sensibilites and thinking.

Some hearts will appear this week, then on to some new work