Canal reflections…

Been a bit quiet here – this is why…..!

Last week the work I have done for Reflections was on Exhibition at the West Barn, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire – such a beautiful venue by the Tythe Barn and canal.  Following the Threads is a very special group of stitch friends too!

I was brave – I did it! I will post more over the coming days, but to explain a bit…

I put the rolls of ‘walking drawings’ on show, the 3 pieces framed in a very unusual way (more to follow on this) and 3 poems too which were part of the journal I have been working on for this project…

Showing ‘raw’ drawings takes a bit of a deep breath – so here is the statement I put with the rolls

‘Drawn to this world…

Walking drawings with a roll of paper.

As I draw, I look at whatever has caught my eye, not looking at the paper but feeling my way, usually drawing in a continuous line, and working fairly quickly.

At home I may colour, stitch, layer, using pen, hand stitch and free motion stitch.

What catches my eye and heart is always something about the human condition – searching for a sense of connections, identities and differences’

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