stitch drawing in progress!

I thought it might be good to show some stitch drawing in progress! It helps me think about the process and hopefully shows you what I am doing!

I had drawn a heron on one of the walks, in the trees on the opposite bank of the canal.

Drawn quickly, without looking at the paper roughly folded in my hand – it is all a bit of a balance and juggle!

This drawing I painted on once home whilst thinking and remembering colours, the ‘feel’ of the walk, anything that comes to mind and hand

Drawn lines on the dyed papers, and free motion stitch on the machine ..

Lines in hand stitch too, and some more painting…

I like the ‘there and not there’ quality – I hope it works!

The Exhibition this series of work will be in is by the group ‘Following the Threads’. ‘Reflections’ is in Bradford on Avon at the west Barn –  25 – 28 October….

5 thoughts on “stitch drawing in progress!

  1. Thank you for this – drawing outside in ‘plein air’ fashion has always intimidated me … your process of quickly sketching-without-looking, then developing colour and stitch at home later, is a release! =D

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