a little help with knots!

I have begun to work on another ‘inching along’ piece (the quilt challenge) and – how lucky to have some help and companionship!

Inspiration for this ‘beach’ theme from encrusted red-pink rocks …

and a few more little details on knots…. some seeding stitches, webs and french knots in silk and perle… I want to thank Heike again for the naturally dyed cloth and if you want to see the most beautiful, elegant work on knots see Karen’s work – (more on this another time) – skill, dedication and exquisite craftsmanship.. (and a shared love of knots of course!)

I said last time that, for me, knots are like thoughts somehow, a thought, phrase, verse, a tiny textile prayer or offering maybe – as I make the stitch and the thread turns and forms – and when I feel them beneath my finger-tips too, I sense a spark of connections to memories, ideas, thoughts..

6 thoughts on “a little help with knots!

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  3. These starshaped clusterknots are charming + admirable – I´ll never manage a single french one, not without the help of a colour compatible cat… – thank you!

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