threads – more thoughts….

A sampling piece from the hand-washing sequence which is now on show at Musgrove Hospital, Taunton – a Brunel Broderers Exhibition, Mending My Ways

I have been thinking about all those threads and why they are a constant in my work..

Threads…loose threads, left… – a metaphor – until now partially glimpsed, fleetingly captured in my understanding…..

Suspended, reaching out, pausing, changing where they lie, are they touching something or is the space important?

The possibilities of connecting, or not.. or waiting to connect – other, between, beyond, unfinished or extending – in the liminal space between the work made and another place

I think a physical representation of me, my intention – the marks are mine but so is the thread itself- it is the substance of my making and my thinking, maybe it is me!

It is a question, a subtle invitation – the place where words tail off in a conversation waiting for a response. Nothing finished or ‘cut off’ but open to possibilities and relationships…..

3 thoughts on “threads – more thoughts….

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