an in-between time

March and half way through the first quilt making for a little project called ‘inching along’ – more when this is ready to share…

An in-between place and time, a ‘there and not there’ place and a need to capture ‘winter’ (the first theme) in ideas and samples with the days growing lighter, warmer – though this may still turn back, and the mists are beautiful…

Thoughts – warmth, layers, snow-covering, comforter quilts, texture and touch, changing light, calm shapes and colours, half hidden under covers

And then, a walk in the snow

Snow that changed and hid part of what was there, and then melted fast

I did some drawings

And now, the warmth of special bamboo wadding from Kay, some fine turban cotton the bright white of snow – white silk thread to catch, hold and texture, layers (always layers), and charcoal to bring through the hidden ground.. and some threads loose and waiting..

samples towards a finished piece


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