A Route Through

What a week! Have a look at Mapping The Future: Where Are You Now. We have been SO busy with the curation and hanging of this show – opening party last night! Sue Prichard, Textile Curator at the V and A, who curated the wonderful Exhibition: Quilts: 1700 – 2010, was our guest curator and what insight, sensitivity and wit she brought to it!……  Sue has also written an essay in the accompanying Catalogue for the exhibition.

A culmination of 2 years work and inspired by our TFSW Conference on the same theme last year.

Glimpses here of my piece, layered, stitched, drawn, folded  – A Route Through

A collection of bus tickets.

Sorting, selecting, placing, stitching, reflecting.

What do they reveal, hide?

What patterns, stories, thoughts impart?

Mapping of place, time, journeys.

What questions do they provoke?

Layers of fragments laid down.

Stitched drawings of routes through,

and behind, between and beyond.

Connecting the past, present, future.

Drawings from my routes and thread lines stitched following my analysis – colours for categories showing purposes of journeys including at least a few invisible threads.

More images later here and on the Mapping blog..

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