it’s too long – I love printing and don’t do enough.. I liked the idea of layered lino, cutting away after each print

Its not what I expected but that’s fine, it is a start again..

I remembered the process, the sounds such as inking the roller and hearing when you have the right amount of ink, the registering of the prints (forgot that bit!), the beauty of layering colours, the colours mixing when not quite dry…the way I also enjoy the simplicity of the drawing marked with an awl onto the lino… I will do more I think..

something new and still the same…



…new work, and yet a rhythm, a continuation… The leopards bane is full of energy, a golden buttercup and kingcup yellow – a ‘Leo’ colour and life….

Last year I was observing the bees visiting and thoroughly, carefully working over the flowers.

The cloth is the solar dandelion dyed from this post here



Playing with woad silk background… natural dye is so subtle, it changes in the light.. and a background that enhances it can be a challenge to find.. I will make squares, in a 9 patch and see what happens..

This year it is the butterflies I am watching – more of that later


Preserving the fragile petals

A few years back I experimented with this idea, was inspired, and loved it … and the thought returned this week with a call out for artists to support the local hospice that worked so beautifully, carefully – oh, how caring and considerate and expert when my mother was dying, and we managed ‘hospice at home’… 40 years of Dorothy House  and a show at 44AD next week in aid of this special place…

Tulips, dried naturally so the petals curl, the musky scent remains and the colours mature.. The still skeleton shape is fragile and beautiful, the scent pungent from the Spring and from my Bees Knees kantha work at Walcot Chapel

susi bancroft tulip 1


Tissue paper, dyed and stitched and embellished onto the natural tulip – but the subtle quality for me is to add a breath, a petal or two, a thought

susi bancroft tulip 2I can place these in glass preserving jars as before, when to lift the lid releases that scent and allows a closer view. They are ephemeral and fragile – I found that in time the scent will remain though gently recede a little, but it evokes so much. The colour fades, however much we try to hold it, but my dyed petals stay clear and bright..

susi bancroft tulip stitch



a little bit of help from…

..done SO well… two beautiful part Bengal cats… Adjusting gently to living here with us after the death of our beloved friend .. Tentative strolls outside and lying in the sun today for them, finding routines, rhythms, healing..


Preparing for Walcot Chapel working studio next week, this panel has been hanging on a door frame in the bedroom between  sessions of working on it.. I had a bit of help this afternoon with a fascinated cat catching the threads, watching the needle intently, and doing a bit of wrapping! Before that look how I found him…



rosemary cloth

October last year – a solar dye experiment.. Rosemary gathered from a friend’s garden and then solar dyed. The sun wasn’t powerfully strong but it’s light was enough – a sun moving towards the shorter days, lower in the sky, precious in the Autumn

I have been stitching small studies on soft warm pale yellow cloth.. remembering, as is the nature of this aromatic plant and its mythology.